Acoustec Noise Control are a countrywide acoustic panel installation company with high aspirations on changing the built environment settling only for acoustic comfort. One of our specialisms is solving acoustical problems for community spaces.
If required we will visit your space and perform a
free site survey prior to offering a practical and aesthetic solution.

It is a fact that highly reverberant environments are notably difficult and will present a challenge to most listeners. Large rooms with high ceilings and walls composed of hard surfaces are characterised by long reverberation times. Poor room acoustics that include both noise and reverberation almost certainly have an adverse effect on communication. Our acoustic panel systems reduce background noise therefore ideally suited to spaces with an audio loop system.

"The value of experience should not be underestimated"
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The challenges you may be facing:

  • All hard surfaces increase echo therefore increasing the reverberation time (RT) and unwanted noise reducing speech intelligibility.
  • If your room has poor acoustics people may be missing up to one third of all conversation, dialogue during film, spoken words whilst conversing and clarity during music playback or recital.
  • To provide a professional aesthetic look for guests or clients.
  • Rental of the space may have stringent local noise restrictions.
  • For listed buildings you may need to look at specialist fixings, we can help with this.
  • When large-scale re-build and investment is not an option then the only option becomes a retro-fit solution.

Solution and Implementation:

  • Our retro-fit acoustic solutions reduce reverberation time, echo and primary reflections therefore increasing intelligibility of speech, clarity of sound and music.
  • High impact resistance, sturdy and lightweight.
  • Many colours and textures to choose from.
  • Custom screen printed acoustic panels - your image - your logo.
  • Standard and custom sizes are available.
  • Maintenance is easy with simple brushing or light vacuuming.
  • Easy mounting using a high mass PVA based adhesive. Alternate methods of fixing are available upon request.
  • Tackable acoustic panels available.
  • Ideal coverage= 25-50% of wall and ceiling surface areas.

Retro-fit Acoustic Solutions for the Community Hub