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Acoustec offer a ‘Supply & Install’ service solution, for a range of high performance soundproofing products supplied by our partners. Including solutions for floors, walls and ceilings we are able to help solve any of your noise related issues. Explore the range of soundproofing solutions and systems we offer for installation and get in touch below to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Soundproofing Solutions

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Acoustec Noise Control offer a range of Pliteq®'s unique sound isolation materials. Pliteq®'s high performance soundproofing products will help you achieve the required acoustic specification for your project.

GenieMat FFNP technical datasheet


GenieMat® FFNP

GenieMat FF technical datasheet


GenieMat® FF

GenieMat GIT technical datasheet


GenieMat® FIT

GenieMat RST technical datasheet


GenieMat® RST

GenieMat TMIP technical datasheet


GenieMat® TMIP

GeniecLIP technical datasheet




Acoustec Noise Control offer Karma's high performance acoustic solutions for floors and walls. Karma's soundproofing products will help you optimise the acoustics of your space and help you meet and exceed Part E Building Regulations.

Your Project

We can help you identify the best soundproofing solutions for your project. Simply enter your project details in the contact form and send it to us. We aim to get back to you with 24 hours. If you can’t wait call us now on +44 (0)20 3973 0720.

Soundproofing your project

Speak to us today to discuss your acoustic insulation supply and install requirements. Arrange a site visit, get a quote or request a survey, our experts are here to help you find the best solution for your project. Call us today: +44 (0)203 973 0720 or send an email to enquiry@acoustec-uk.com.

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