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Recording Studio Rooms

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Recording Studio Rooms

With the help of our friends Eckel Noise Control Technologies, Acoustec offer a full range of Recording Studio Rooms or Voice Over Booths / Vocal Booths, custom made & modular Recording Studios, Listening Rooms and Music Practice Rooms. Each one can be tailored to your needs both mechanically and visually.

If you’re a performance artist, mixing engineer or a music producer looking for the best studio sound environment then Acoustec Noise Control can help create that “Studio Special”.

Vocal Booths Built to your Specification

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to discuss your modular musical space

Eckel Noise Control Systems

Eckel noise control systems and products have been the starting blocks of cutting edge voice recording booths, media production rooms and music practice studios for over 65 years. At acoustec we offer a professional supply and install service for the complete range of Eckel voice over booths, music practice rooms, studios and ETSI Listening Rooms. Our solutions are designed and fitted to meet and exceed your needs.

Your Recording Studio Room

Speak to us today to discuss your recording studio room requirements. Arrange a site visit, get a quote or request a survey, our experts are here to help you find the best solution for your project. Call us today: +44 (0)203 973 0720 or send an email to enquiry@acoustec-uk.com.

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