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moveable acoustic walls

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Moveable Acoustic Walls

Creating space within space, our moveable acoustic walls are designed with the client in mind. Precision made components ensure that panels glide effortlessly and quietly along aluminium guides so that space can be configured quickly, easily and safely by anyone.

Moveable, sometimes known as operable, walls were developed to optimise areas where space is a premium. The moveable acoustic wall is quick, easy and safe to manoeuvre by virtually anyone and therefore allowing for numerous room configurations.

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Operable Acoustic Walls

A folding or sliding door acoustic wall system is also method of dividing space we offer. Foldable acoustic wall systems are primarily supported via the floor, suitable for where the is insufficient head space. Quick, easy and safe to manoeuvre they can be operated by anyone and configured to various room requirements.

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Moveable Acoustic Walls
Key Features

  • Sound insulation: up to 54dB as standard – Solid walls (Alma)
  • Sound insulation: up to 42dB as standard – Double-glazed walls (Aqua)
  • Fire Rating: EI2.30 (laboratory certified)
  • Fire classification: EN13501-1 B-s2, d0 (laboratory certified)
  • Unlimited metal coatings: including intumescent ink, galvanizing, anodizing, powder coating.
  • Double-glazed units use 6mm toughened / tempered safety glass.
  • No floor track – panels are hung by use of single or twin-point suspension system.
  • Two, three or four way modules to enable multiple track configurations & stacking systems.
  • Electronic seal by key-switch or quick-set half-turn manual mechanism.
  • Unlimited finishes such as Veneers, HPL, MFC, Vinyl, Fabric, Paint, Glass.
Moveable acoustic doors

Operable Acoustic Walls

Moveable acoustic walls, are specifically designed to maximise the usability of your room. The operable acoustic walls can be manoeuvred by virtually anyone quickly and easily, making ideal for a multitude of room types and arrangements.

Depending on your room requirements the moveable acoustic walls can be composed of independent glazed or solid panels. The walls slide smoothly on rollers along a top hung aluminium rail without the need for a floor track. The wall can be sealed either manually or automatically.

The flexible seal allows for variations in the floor and ceiling, securing the wall from movement and providing excellent soundproofing properties. Your space can be optimised with the multiple tracking and parking configurations. Each of the operable acoustic wall panels are composed of a galvanised steel sub frame and aluminium outer frame.

Depending on your design specification you moveable acoustics walls can be designed with double glazing, or have a solid fascia with a virtually unlimited choice of finishes including wood veneer, aluminium, laminate, melamine and fabric.

Operable acoustic walls for your project

Speak to us today to discuss your operable acoustic wall requirements. Arrange a site visit, get a quote or request a survey, our experts are here to help you find the best solution for your project. Call us today: +44 (0)203 973 0720 or send an email to enquiry@acoustec-uk.com.

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