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Acoustic Noise Surveys

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Acoustic Noise Surveys

Sound can have a massive impact on occupant living conditions for your development, which makes it essential to complete acoustic noise surveys in advance.

A project near to public transport, entertainment venues and industrial facilities will be subject to high levels of noise, which makes it important to complete a noise assessment during the planning stages. Our acoustic noise surveys are full-featured, ensuring your project is built to offer future occupants the best living conditions possible.

Without an acoustic noise survey your future projects are at risk.

Noise surveys for your project

We offer the following noise surveys for your next project

Residential Acoustic Surveys

To protect the living conditions of occupants in your next development a noise survey should be completed during the planning stages. We can provide you with an acoustic noise survey in any scenario, including if your property is close to public roads, entertainment facilities or industrial buildings. Our surveys are comprehensive to ensure that your project is able to meet planning requirements.

Construction Noise Surveys

We can provide you with construction noise assessments for all types of projects and new developments . Following the latest guidance standards, including BS 5228 we make sure vibration and noise are not excessive. We can also monitor your construction projects to ensure that levels of noise do not exceed expectation.

Room and Building Noise Surveys

At Acoustec we specialise in soundproofing and noise control for your rooms and buildings. Following on from our noise survey we are able to supply and install an acoustic system that meets your exact performance and design requirements.

Industrial Noise Surveys

If you are installing new components such as air conditioning units or extraction systems, it is essential that the new installations do not negatively effect the environment. We can ensure your new plant installation meet the requirements of local authorities by completing BS 4141:2014 noise assessments.

Noise impact assessment surveys

A noise impact survey may be required if you are planning a new development or applying for change of use for your property. We can provide acoustic consultancy services for projects of any size, to help you through the planning process.

Entertainment noise surveys

To ensure your festival, or new entertainment facilities have minimal effect on the local environment we can provide you with bespoke expert acoustic advice and noise surveys.

Turbine Noise Surveys

Our wind turbine noise assessments comply with all recent IOA guidance. We can provide a quick turn around on our low cost, desktop wind turbine noise surveys, to help you achieve planning consent.

BREEAM Noise Surveys

At Acoustec we are experts in providing BREEAM noise assessments to earn credits. Our advice will help you obtain top quality building and environmental acoustics, ensuring that your building meets the standards required for both POL0 5  and HEA 05.

Environmental Noise Surveys

If you are planning an industrial plant or city development, your project may require an environmental noise survey.  Our environmental noise surveys are delivered to the latest standards and regulations including  BS4142:2014 and BS8233:2014.

Vibration Noise Surveys

Industrial and residential construction projects can be prone to ground borne vibration noise. Sources of vibration noise include road traffic, industrial sites and railway lines. Speak to us today to see how we can help you avoid ground borne vibration issues.

Our Acoustic Surveys

Our industry and project experience enables us to offer you an acoustic noise survey to meet your exact project needs. Our team of experts will provide you with the advice you need to help you through your project, to ensure that your acoustic noise survey needs are met with minimum fuss. Our network of friendly, experienced engineers will provide you with an excellent service at a very competitive rate. Our acoustic noise survey solutions are completed within your schedule to reduce the stress of gaining planning permission for your project. Our team are here to help you through your next project, get in touch below to discuss your requirements.

Acoustic Surveys for your project

Speak to us today to discuss your survey requirements. Arrange a site visit or speak to us over the phone, our experts are here to help you find the best solution for your project. Call us today:+44 (0)203 973 0720 or send an email to enquiry@acoustec-uk.com.

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