Acoustec Noise Control Ltd are a UK nationwide installation company with high aspirations on changing the built environment settling only for acoustic comfort.
With solution in mind our main focus is to identify the individual needs of our clients providing the finest quality, tasteful, practical acoustic systems that perform as good as they look. We tackle and manage all size of project so please feel free to make contact and say hello.

Acoustec offer a fully comprehensive range of audiometric testing environments to meet and exceed the requirements of todays audiology market.

Utilising patented designs we offer a  range of composite sound Barrier materials for walls, ceilings & floors solely designed to prevent the passage of sound.

Acoustec offer a comprehensive range of sound absorption panel systems to mitigate distractions, reduce unwanted echo and improve speech intelligibility.

Utilising patented designs we offer a range of full & hemi 'anechoic chambers', portable anechoic chambers and SuperSoft test chambers. 

Creating space within space, our walls are designed with the client in mind. Precision made components ensure that panels glide effortlessly and quietly along aluminium guides so that space can be configured quickly, easily and safely by anyone.

Moveable, sometimes known as operable, walls were developed to optimise areas where space is a premium. The moveable acoustic wall is quick, easy and safe to manoeuvre by virtually anyone and therefore allowing for numerous room configurations.

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With the help of our friends Eckel Noise Control Technologies, Acoustec offer a full range of Voice Over Booths (VOBS) commonly known as Vocal Booths, custom made & modular Recording Studios, Listening Rooms and Music Practice Rooms. Each one can be tailored to your needs both mechanically and visually.

If you're a performance artist, mixing engineer or a music producer looking for the best studio sound environment then Acoustec Noise Control can help create that "Studio Special

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